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Security Guarding Services For The Norwich School


All of our security officers are specially trained to respond to a multitude of situations in a calm and professional manner.

Since last year, Regency Guarding and Events has been the sole provider of manned Security Services for The Norwich School. This historic, prestigious client not only has an extremely substantial campus site, encompassing over the Upper and Lower Close but also has some highly valuable assets which require around the clock guarding.  

Our Services for the Norwich School

The services we provide for The Norwich school include on duty static guarding, mobile patrols and alarm response, which, when combined, creates a security system which is unrivalled and completely secure. 

The static guarding element of their service involves members of our guarding team being on-site, providing the first line of defence as well as a key deterrent against criminal activity. Our static security guards are trained to perform a wide variety of roles to help keep the business and people safe. This includes visitor and access control, delivery monitoring, health & safety, fire or flood prevention, risk assessment and threat detection, as well as perimeter and site monitoring regularly utilising a cloud based check point system. 

The second deterrent and protection service comes from our mobile patrols. We supply The Norwich School with on-foot as well as vehicular mobile patrols. These combined patrol services ensures that not only the vast perimeter is secure, but that there is no suspicious behaviour that has to be investigated. Our mobile security officers are also extremely visible when on-site, as they come uniformed and in marked patrol cars, this shows to any criminals that are considering targeting the school, that it is protected. Creating a deterrence for attempting to enter the premises. Mobile security services are proven to reduce crime rates by 97%, so an obvious service choice for this prestigious school. 

Our final service provided for The Norwich School is our keyholding and alarm response service. This service is our last port of defence when it comes to the security of the school. In the event of an alarm activation, our guards react immediately and attend the alarmed site, deactivate the alarm and address any issues which may have occurred within the school’s  protocols.

How we Can Help your Business

Regardless of the type of business you run, or the property, premises and assets you are looking to protect, security is a must. Guards can be deployed to protect people, buildings and surroundings, while also heading off any potential problems and keeping your property safe and secure. Additionally, this helps to instil trust and safety among your staff and visitors. Our vast selection and combinations of services can be tailored specifically to you and your business, meaning you can rest assured that the security you go forward with, is the highest professional quality. 

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