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Construction Sites

Security for Construction Sites with Regency Guarding & Events

Our construction site security guards are highly trained and equipped to manage a wide range of responsibilities, all aimed at enhancing the security of your construction site. As part of our comprehensive security services, our guards conduct regular patrols across the site and ensure all gates are securely locked. This proactive approach not only acts as a visible deterrent but also enables the swift identification and response to any security concerns. Our guards are vigilant, observant, and ready to efficiently address emerging issues.
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On-Site Command and Coordination

When providing construction security, our guards typically operate from an on-site cabin, serving as a central command centre. This setup allows for effective coordination and communication, facilitating the control of site access, conducting PPE checks, signing in visitors, and managing various other tasks. Our Constructionline accreditation further distinguishes us in the industry.

Fast and Efficient Quoting Process

Upon requesting a quote for construction security from us, we respond promptly. We pride ourselves on offering a quick and efficient turnaround. Our services are adaptable to contracts of varying lengths, from one month to 12 months.

Professional and Efficient Security Guards

Our construction site security guards are highly efficient and professional, logging each patrol via our Partner smart patrol system and booking on and off through an app on their phone. This ensures transparency and reassures you that all patrols are being conducted as scheduled. They also strategically place sign boards throughout the site, serving as both a deterrent and a means of communicating safety protocols. Additionally, our guards are prepared to meet any specific security requirements you may have.

Experienced and Licensed Guards

Our guards are highly experienced and fully SIA licensed, arriving on-site with all necessary PPE, including goggles, hard hats, high-visibility jackets, and work boots. They are prepared to uphold the highest professional standards.

Why You Need Construction Security

Construction sites are highly susceptible to criminal activities, particularly theft. According to NFU Mutual’s 2023 research, approximately nine out of ten tradespeople and contractors have been victims of theft. Given the significant costs incurred by the construction industry due to such crimes, effective site security is essential. By employing our experienced and trained security services, you can ensure your site is protected against criminal activity.

Building Site Mobile Security Patrols

Property developments are extensive, with various machinery, equipment, and materials spread across different locations. This can present opportunities for theft. Regency Guarding & Events Ltd provides tailored construction site security patrols to ensure comprehensive coverage. Our mobile security can monitor predefined locations, conduct on-foot patrols, and operate patrol vehicles, all as part of a cost-effective package.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

At Regency Guarding & Events Ltd, we understand the critical importance of securing your construction site. With extensive experience in delivering professional security measures, we offer a range of services from temporary mobile patrols to site access control, manned guarding, and alarm response. Our security solutions are designed to deter criminal activity and protect your site’s valuable assets, mitigating potential project delays and financial losses.

For reliable and professional construction site security, trust Regency Guarding & Events Ltd to provide the protection and peace of mind you need.

ConstructionLine Accreditation

Our ConstructionLine accreditation demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality security services that meet rigorous industry standards. This widely recognised certification pre-qualifies us for work with public sector clients by assessing our health and safety, environmental, and quality management systems. Contracting a ConstructionLine accredited security provider offers confidence in regulatory compliance, improved efficiency and service quality, reduced risk, and a streamlined procurement process. Trust our certified professionals to protect your people, property and assets.